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IKEA: 12 ideas for bedroom decor

The Swedish brand IKEA constantly delight us with beautiful and practical ideas for every corner in our living space. This time we are showing you some inspirations for bedroom decor. The good dreams, nowadays means imperative to which it seeks more than ever. It’s not always easy, but by the right choice of furniture and…

Orange Kitchens

Orange color is a synonymous for entertainment, extravagance and energy. Striking and a bit extreme, orange is color that you love it or you cant accept it at all. However, similar as the red color, there is an opinion that orange color stimulates the hunger and evoke the appetite, which is perfect choice for arranging…

For the Scandinavian style lovers!

How to organize a three-bedroom apartment in the attic? If you are a fan of the modern Scandinavian style, this interior can be your real inspiration. The bright living area and dining area are separated by a wonderful modish fireplace, and the kitchen is located under the sloping roof as addition to the dining room….

Wall bureaus for saving space

Saving space is one of the most required effects in interior design these days. The working desk, bureau is peace of furniture that usually is hard to settled in the home.  Ours suggestions today, you can use in your home decor like for your child’s room, bedroom, even for the living room: “Invisible” bureau When…

Interior of 3 000 000 $

Quiet and peaceful in same time rigorous and serious – the interior of this spacious home is situated about 19 km from Moscow and it’s like nascent for a modern aristocratic family with posh roots . It is elegant and discreet, and designers from Studio Mill-Studio deliberately avoided excessive use of colors and shapes. The selected range…

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