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Scandinavian dining areas

Scandinavian aesthetics can be applied in all areas, in different size and function. This time we are showing you a series of prepositions for decorating of another area in your living space – the dining room. In the Nordic countries, the dining room is considered as the heart of the home, a place where whole…

Living and dining room – two in one

In modern homes designing an open plan, connecting the living room with dining room is normally and very popular solutions. The owners often bring this solution in order to get a unique, spacious and functional room that gives maximum comfort. During this as part of this logical solution to connect two crucial areas, may occur some problems…

Outdoor dinning areas

If you haven’t yet reached to organize a peaceful corner of the terrace, porch or in the garden, a place where you would enjoy in the summer delicacies with family and friends, then don’t be desperate. We represent you a few examples of wonderful outdoors dining areas, and you just choose the style that suits you best….