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Feng Shui Trends of 2018

Shrewd individuals are continually ready to learn, to adjust their conduct and activities, to change their plans and system, all to excel and pick up preference. Tailing we will show you how to utilize your space to maintain a strategic distance from negative impacts and to tune in with the stream of riches. There’s no…

Feng Shui tips for small apartment!

Living in a small apartment will be simpler with these tips … If you live in a studio or one-bedroom apartment, follow these tips to make your living space a comfortable home in which you’ll not notice a lack of space. Stacking things, wrong furniture orientation and impractical pieces can make your life chaotic. Feng…

10 Feng Shui rules for home decorating

Feng Shui is based on excellent principles for home regulation. Here are a few rules that you should follow during your home interior organizing. Note that: 1. Less is more. If you manage to set free of excess furniture – that is a good start. Keep your apartment neat and without unnecessary pieces of furniture….