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35 Best Ways To Style A Coffee Table In Your Living Room

While a blend of blossoms, books, and plate is an immortal method to style an end table, there’s no reason not to try different things with more innovative thoughts. Here, we feature 35 chic approaches to add some additional style to your foot stool.

1.Consider a Glass-Topped Table

2.Go for One Statement Piece

3.Weave in a Sentimental Item

4.Add An Air Of Mystery

5. Stick To A Single Color

6 Light It Up

7 Go Minimalist When Furniture’s Heavy

8 Add Some Height

9 Display Your Art

10 Mix Rustic With Refined

11 Create Levels Of Interest

12 Choose A Statement Table

13 Try More Than One Table

14 Accent With Stools

15 Swap For A Side Table

16 Stagger Small Round Coffee Tables

17 Top An Ottoman With A Tray

18 Don’t Forget Flowers

19 Accent With A Single Dish

20 Display Your Collection

21 Opt For Two Long Tables

22 Add A Pouf

23 Meticulously Stack Sets Of Books

24 Dust off Your Retro Finds

25 Repurpose Old Materials

26 Utilize The Space Underneath

27 Ditch Your Table Legs

28 Don’t Go Overboard

29 Stay On-Theme

30 Choose A Colorful Base

31 Use Trays To Organize

32 Accessorize With Sculptures

33 Go Big On Flowerless Arrangements

34 Pick A Table With Statement Legs

35 Try A Two-Tier Table