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Inside the Vintage-Filled Chelsea Home of Etsy’s COO

She purchased the greater part of her mid-century furniture from—well, you know where.

At the point when Linda Findley Kozlowski moved from San Francisco to New York to end up COO of Etsy, she didn’t acquire much the method for furniture.

Rather, she pressed up the family treasures, purchased an apartment suite in Chelsea, and started chasing down seats and canvases over various states, venders, and feel to get the full involvement of shopping on Etsy.

From both a plan and a business point of view, you could call it a win.

“I cherish that I can reveal to you a tale about everything in my home: where I got it, who made it, how it was composed and considered,” Linda said. “I’ve generally had a solid logic of owning less things and having them be extremely important and unique. I’m a moderate who dislikes moderation that is an absence of character or self-expression.”

Moderation for Linda means the standard thing—clean white dividers, light woods, and delicate surfaces—yet in addition sensational representations of Jimi Hendrix collection spreads and articulation ceiling fixtures.

To grapple the home, she began with a high quality walnut bed with Danish weave by a dealer out of Seattle. Like a large portion of the pieces in her new home, it’s totally custom. Linda balanced the tallness of the quaint little inn to fit the divider and suit her 5’10 casing.

“I feel like we’ve been prepared that what you see is the thing that you get. There’s a determination of things on the planet and you pick one of things that should be it,” Linda said. With Etsy, “You aren’t limited on everything. You have the opportunity to co-make something with somebody.”

Linda urges customers to ask venders what they can modify, or discover a creator who plans something like your vision and perceive how you can team up. Consider measurements and how you intend to utilize the piece.

As an admirer of supper and breakfast parties, Linda worked with a dealer in Oregon to make a taller and smaller form of their strong walnut feasting table. Taller so “nobody ever hits their knees” and smaller to make a feeling of closeness—and “in light of the fact that this is New York.”

In that same vein, the love seat was exclusively made by Croft House to fit around the bend and oblige 15 or so visitors—if everybody gets comfortable. The foot stool, likewise uniquely designed by Croft House, is one of the home’s all the more calm pieces.

“It’s more about bringing individuals around instead of making them be a predominant component,” Linda said.

Cali impacts radiate through at a few focuses, despite the fact that Linda attempted to strike an adjust of present day natural and moderation that felt appropriate for her downtown home. She expelled the greater part of the embellishment and baseboard and got light wood floors to get the cleanest conceivable background for her furniture and craftsmanship. She picked dim charcoal in the kitchen for complexity, and counterbalance the coldness of the concrete roof with a drop light fixture of glass, gold and wicker.

Obviously, not everything in the home originated from Etsy. The 130-year-old Tibetan bureau, at present working as a bar in the family room, has ventured with Linda as far back as she bought it four years prior in Hong Kong. To finish everything, the port and sherry set initially had a place with her grandparents and were then passed down to her mom.

Having pieces like these to remind you where you originated from “bring you retreat from pressure and simply say, ‘Tap, tap, tap—focus on this. This is essential,” Linda says.

Another and significant expansion to Linda’s life is her pup Mulligan, a safeguard who is likewise hard of hearing. Linda may have redone her furniture with mind—yet Mulligan helps shield her from getting valuable about the pieces.

“Something he does is run laps around the couch. With the goal that’s sort of his activity track,” Linda said.

As COO, Linda has grabbed numerous shopping tips and traps, such as utilizing the “top pick” apparatus on Etsy to make records that capacity as state of mind sheets and requesting that producers direct you toward different creators of comparable feel.

Working at Etsy appears to be incompletely similar to a free go to gather the same number of tchotchkes as apparently conceivable, however that is not Linda’s style. Her house is without mess and garbage drawers—practicing restriction, but with allurement.

“This may be the most perilous activity on the planet,” she giggled.