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10 Things You Should Know About Charleston Blogger Julia Engel

On the off chance that you don’t perceive her name, there’s a decent possibility you’ll perceive Julia Engel’s face. Photos of the Gal Meets Glam form blogger fly up everywhere throughout the web on account of her substantial after—particularly when you scan for chic outfit thoughts or well known home patterns on Pinterest.

Investigate her Instagram encourage, which alone gloats in excess of 1.2 million supporters, and you’ll end up in wonder of how her sleek, blossom filled, hunger for new experiences y bolster meets up so consistently.

We got up to speed with the blogger and dress creator to ask her how she does it, including the greater part of the points of interest behind her recently remodeled South Carolina farmhouse and what her life resembles past the blog.

1. She as of late moved from San Francisco to Charleston to grasp a slower way of life. “It’s extremely pleasant when you go sit on your patio and see your neighbors strolling by. It was the difference in pace I was searching for,” she tells In addition, she cherishes southern culture. “Everybody gets spruced up to go out. What’s more, it’s likewise so fun. Everybody cherishes hosting a get-together for reasons unknown.”

2. Each room in her farmhouse was propelled by a color. Her house is presently a blend of nation, customary, and English components, with heaps of sprightly shades. “It resembles the English wide open meets the Bahamas,” she says. “It’s extremely fun.” And she doesn’t keep down with shading, either. “Each room has a shading plan, so our room has purples, our restroom is pink, our front passage is coral and blue, and our kitchen is blue. Each room has loads of identity.”

3. You’ll discover a considerable measure of shading in her new Gal Meets Glam attire gathering, as well. The dress originator currently manages an imaginative group to construct a gathering of dresses every month that she offers at Nordstrom and on her site. Julia starts the procedure by choosing the shading palette, at that point picks prints and textures before at last planning each outline. Not at all like a portion of her form partners, she drives all aspects of the imaginative procedure including styling and photography. “We’re shooting every accumulation in an alternate spot in view of the topic,” she says. Next up, she’ll dare to London to shoot her July lineup, which includes delicate and quieted hues.

4. Her ultra-ladylike dress line has effectively done madly well. Inside a few days of propelling, a significant part of the accumulation sold out with her determination of day dresses—especially the “Courtney” maxi—checking in as generally prominent.

5. She cherishes her blog, but at the same time she’s exceptionally legit about the difficulties that accompany it. “If I somehow managed to begin it now, I don’t figure I would have the guts to do it,” she says. “Beginning it in 2012, it was only my loved ones who tailed it. Here and there now when I think how there are 1.2 million individuals who will see this photo I post, it monstrosities me out. It makes you overthink everything.”

6. Interfacing with her adherents is her most loved an aspect of her responsibilities. The blogger says that having that numerous supporters doesn’t generally feel genuine, which is the reason she adores meeting perusers face to face. “When we meet individuals, and when individuals message and speak with us, that makes it so fulfilling.”

7. She’s a Joanna Gaines fan, and she has the shiplap to demonstrate it. “Definitely, I cherish her,” Julia says. “I figure everyone does, right?” And simply like Joanna, the blogger cherishes shiplap, which currently covers the majority of her home.

8. She’s fixated on the shading pink, however she repainted her pink farmhouse for the most intelligent reason. In the wake of acknowledging you could see the pink dollhouse-like outside from each room in their window-filled house, Julia selected to repaint it an exemplary shade of white. Presently, regardless of where she stands, her punchy inside looks culminate beside her nonpartisan outside and patio, which she as of late made over with Lowe’s.

9. Patterns are not her thing, and she doesn’t tailor her blog substance or dress outlines. “When you endeavor to take into account everyone, you oblige no one since nothing’s characterizing you,” she says. “I’ve generally been extremely particular with what I needed Gal Meets Glam to be.”

10. Also, she’s most roused when she sees individuals grasping their own style. “A standout among the most enabling things about online networking and sites is that individuals at long last acknowledge they would kind be able to of do whatever they need,” she says. “They can act naturally and have their own particular astounding style and it’s alright in light of the fact that we get the chance to see such a large number of individuals doing that.”