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To Bee on the floor

Enlivened by the all around commonplace and absolutely mysterious Arabic outlines, Let It Bee resembles a calculation for the floor—understanding for scale, shape, frame, design, assortment, development, surface and shading—across the board. Inside this gathering, there are three unmistakable styles: Honey Do™, Honey Don’t™ and Bee’s Knees™. While Honey Do highlights little scale honeycomb shapes, Honey Don’t goes greater and bolder in its designing. Furthermore, Bee’s Knees takes somewhat of a flight with a more articulated example through a raised detail.

Each example remains solitary to breath life into a space with a mood of decorating shapes. In any case, they additionally expand upon each other, cooperating to make a differed floorscape with a unified shading palette that is equivalent amounts of warm neutrals, cool neutrals and energetic hues. Also, Let It Bee is a piece of our i2® item family with benefits like mergeable color parcels that make particular substitution simple.