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The Houseplant You Need in Your Home, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

ICYMI: Plants can lift your disposition and even make your home a more beneficial place to live. In any case, which houseplant buy bodes well for your specific aura? We sought the zodiac for some clarity…naturally.


A desire for the strange is implanted in your stardust. So choose a blooming jasmine plant, which is known for its inebriating fragrance, outlandish affiliations and sexy properties.

PISCES: Orchid

You’re a starry-looked at visionary who should be encompassed by excellent things to feel propelled. Treat yourself to the loveliest of every single pruned plant: the orchid. Simply do whatever it takes not to kill her this time, mmk?

ARIES: Eucalyptus

Quality is your trademark attribute and pride point. So catch an eucalyptus plant, whose numerous medical advantages incorporate facilitating respiratory conditions and decreasing the danger of bacterial contamination in light of the fact that.


You’re an intense treat with a bullish air—which is the reason the ZZ plant (known as the most indestructible of all houseplants) is your natural perfect partner.

GEMINI (MAY 21 – JUNE 20): Aloe

In old circumstances, this “plant of interminability” was hung over entryways to avoid insidious and carry positive vitality into the home. Sounds like a decent precautionary measure for restraining your killjoy change sense of self twin, Gem.

CANCER: Cactus

You’re the zodiac’s head softie—and keeping in mind that you may be enticed to go after an adorable little greenery at the nursery, pick the desert flora rather, which will fill in as a suggestion to hold fast and toughen up.

LEO: Bird of Paradise

Like your identity, this lasting is chic, conspicuous and absolutely unsubtle. Add a story measured adaptation to your parlor design for an empowering fly of greenery that matches your magic.

VIRGO: English Ivy

Ever down to earth, you’re tied in with enhancing your home and wellbeing. Gather up a simple care ivy plant, which was named by NASA researchers as the main best air-sifting houseplant. (Sayonara, cancer-causing agents.)

LIBRA : Peace Lily

This rich houseplant is known for its capacity to kill lethal family unit gases, similar to formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. As it were, it’s an ace of accomplishing balance, much the same as you.

SCORPIO: Lavender

Whenever you get all ruler of haziness, sniff your new pruned lavender plant. This aromatherapeutic natural is known to ease pressure, quiet nerves and generally lift ill humored spirits.


How about we be genuine: You require a solid, low-upkeep plant that won’t bite the dust when you dash to the airplane terminal consistently. Settle on the glad to-be-left-alone jade plant, with its peculiar bohemian vibes.


Dear overachiever, it’s a great opportunity to moderate your move as of now. Treat yourself to a fragrant basil plant (which contains a pressure lessening compound called linalool) to enable you to discover some work/life adjust.