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Poshtel? Cheap accommodation and luxury!

Have you heard of Poshtel? Or you may have stayed in one of them without knowing. They have become a new trend in the traveling.


Poshtel in Barcelonа: Casa Gracia

More and more people choose to travel with desire to see as much as possible. Students and young people want adventure and travel, they usually choose to take their backpack and start a tour around the world, sleeping in affordable hostels. Surely you want to travel cheaply, and you do not like hostels and common rooms with unknown people, who are waiting for a free bathroom and so on. So far, the alternative for the hostels was Airbnb and daily apartment rental. The level of comfort is definitely better than in the hostel. However, renting an apartment is not a universal solution. You need to pick up the keys, fill the fridge (but we travel with a budget) and lose the valuable time on city tour.


Saga Poshtel – Oslo

The solution for all these problems is Poshtel. A mix of “posh” (elegant with a designation of luxury) and “hotel”. These small, charming hotels are not above average luxurious, they are comfortable, clean and interesting, and above all – very cheap. This trend become by simple and very modern hotels like MotelOne. In the meantime, many boutique hotels have been established, such as 25hours, CitizienM or Prizeotel.


Poshtel in Barcelonа: Casa Gracia

They have minimalist rooms with several beds, but most of them offer elegant single rooms with all  extra comfort. They combine absolute privacy and comfort with the sense of community through the use of different concepts in order to communicate with one another. For example, the long dinning tables in the restaurant or the lounge area by the pool. With Poshtels occurrence, the luxury and cheap prices are no longer in contradiction.


Freehand Hotels: Chicago / Los Angeles

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