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Feng Shui tips for small apartment!

Living in a small apartment will be simpler with these tips …
If you live in a studio or one-bedroom apartment, follow these tips to make your living space a comfortable home in which you’ll not notice a lack of space. Stacking things, wrong furniture orientation and impractical pieces can make your life chaotic. Feng Shui performing here.

Clean entry
The open entrance allows Chi Energy to enter more easily into your living space.


Multi-functional rooms must be clearly separated

Things like shelves, trails or transparent curtains visually separate your sleeping area from the work area, further making the room open and airy.


Keep on one combination of colors.

You can play with textures and shapes, but try to keep everything in a few mutually compatible colors. The color tire out the eyes and reduces Qi energy.


Don’t collect unnecessary things

Try to make your living space, workplace especial, clean and tidy. Determine all things and stuffs you don’t need.


Visually increase the space with mirrors

The mirrors gives you  endless possibilities, creating an optical illusion that the room is larger than the real sizes.


Insert crystals for energy

To give you the best effect you can attach them to the ceiling in form of chandelier. They look chic and bring a lot of energy.


Clean the space every day.

Get rid of unnecessary things, worry about the hygiene and replace the parts that don’t work. The clean space is beneficial when you returning to your home tired at the and of the day.


Turn the bed in a command position
This step will make you feel safer and gives you a sense of better control over space.


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