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Green graphic decorations – handmade

The forward-looking artists have discovered that the street art not only can be visual art, it also can become tactile – soft and smooth on touch. Graphite made from moss (“Moss graffiti“) are absolutely ecological more accepted, don’t contain any aerosols as colors and all they need is a little water to grow. The moss is pump with a mild syringe of water – you do this every day at the beginning, and after three months you water them once or twice a month witch is enough.


We present you a picturesque recipe how to make your own personal graphite, made from moss. Definitely you must have to choose the right place to do it – do not declare it for vandalism.

For graphite moss you need:

– 3 cups moss, washed and clean

– 2 cups regular yogurt

– 2 cups of water or beer

– Half spoon of sugar

– Corn syrup – by your choice

– And blender that you will not want to use it after these ingredients!

moss1-605 moss2-605 moss3-605

moss-graffiti-8 moss5-605 moss6-605 moss7-605 moss8-605 moss9-605 moss-graffiti-1 moss-graffiti-3 moss-graffiti-4

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