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Inside Angelina Jolie’s new Hollywood home

Angelina Jolie recently moved to a new home with her children. This new home is a $ 25 million luxury hacienda, located in Los Angeles. This House has a significant history whereas it was built in 1913, and there’s two guest houses.
Joli’s new home has six bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a library, a playroom, a gym, a beautiful garden, and of course a swimming pool. How it looks like you can look through the photos below.

novata-luksuzna-kukja-na-andzhelina-dzholi-279616 novata-luksuzna-kukja-na-andzhelina-dzholi-279621 2-Angelina-Jolie-mansion-a 3-Angelina-Jolie-mansion-a 4-Angelina-Jolie-mansion-a 7-Angelina-Jolie-mansion-a 8-Angelina-Jolie-mansion-a novata-luksuzna-kukja-na-andzhelina-dzholi-279619

novata-luksuzna-kukja-na-andzhelina-dzholi-279617 novata-luksuzna-kukja-na-andzhelina-dzholi-279618

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