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Big ideas for small living spaces

If you live in a small living room, it doesn’t mean that you cant feel free and have a relax at any moment.
The good ideas and creativity can make the small space to be a source of happiness and positive energy.
Only for you, our dear readers, we’ve found some suggestions and tricks that can achieve the effect of the expansion space, so the size of your room can bee seen only on the “paper”, others will not even notice it.



There isn’t nothing more beautiful than the daylight that refreshes the space and corrects your mood. Don’t use heavy and dark curtains.
Believe it or not, furniture with legs is an ingenious way to create a sense of spaciousness. See the image. The large mirror has the effect as another window. This is a great way to create the illusion of spaciousness in the room, especially if you only have a small windows.
ottoman podesivi-sto polica-za-ugaonu-garnituruCabinets for angled set or other sofa that is placed in the living room Рnowadays you can create some on very easy way, and only thing you need is a little creativity. This is just another detail that will be of benefit in the small spaces, practical as well. 

The wall shelves are a great way to ensure more space and make it more interesting. If you choose a good color and good combination of the shelves, for sure you will join the niceness and usefulness.


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