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New trend in wall designing – maps!

If you want to explore your latest or future trips or you want to have a map of your hometown, this year the maps are absolutely hit for designing interiors. They give you the opportunity to travel around the world while you sit in your living room.
For the users who want to travel through the time and space as well the best for them are historic maps of the world, also fun and useful maps are those who shows the lines of public transport.

map-home-1 map-home-3 map-home-4 map-home-5-1 map-home-6 map-restaurant-2 map-retail-1 Designer-Children’s-Bedroom-Ideas-with-World-Maps-Decoration-on-Wall framed-maps maxresdefault wall-map-in-soft-muted-colours-plexiglas-chairs-the-new-trend-and-four-same-white-cups-create-a-modern-style-for-living-room-or-even-a-small-desk-area


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