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Feng Shui advises you how to bring love and happiness in your bedroom

According to Feng Shui philosophy, bedroom is the most important room in the home. It’s a room where circulation of positive energy and natural light are necessary,  room where you need the right colors and where the bed must be pose in a good position. The bedroom decor affect on relationship with your partner if you live in a community, or on attracting a soul mate if you live a lone.

Marriage problems such as resentment, misunderstanding, disloyalty, arguments and emotional distance  are result of the negative energy that prevails in the bedroom.
If you want to end any of the this problems, follow Feng Shui tips for bedroom decorating and enjoy in your love life with your partner.


The Wall colors in the bedroom plays a major role in bettering of the love life. The blue color symbolizes the relaxation, light pink is a symbol of happiness in common life, white is a symbol of calmness.
Each color has a specific meaning in Feng Shui rules, so if you want to improve some aspect of your life, it’s best way to consult with people who decorate spaces according to Feng Shui technique and who will also prepare individual card about your living space to get known which color should be the most prevalent in your home.


The Slipping bed position is another important element for bettering the love life.
It’s b
est the bed to be placed parallel to the front door of the bedroom. In any case you shouldn’t sleep on a bed on witch your feet will be facing the front door. If the conditions in your bedroom don’t allow major changes, it’s suffice to pose some screen between the bed and the door that will block the directly door view – which, according to Feng Shui is not good. It’s best the bed to be your own and made of wood, do not be inherited from some cousin or friend, grandmother, forefathers… because in that case it is possible to inherit all problems they had in the past.

The shelves over the bed, disorder around the bed, overfilled as well giving the feeling of insecurity and hourly headaches. It’s best around the bed to be clear space where the energy will circulate without some blocks and that position is also a symbol of new acquaintances or relationship renew. To improve communication and increase the happiness in the relationship, it’s best to place two pink or red candles in crystal candlesticks on both bed sides.

The Shelves and closets that we usually set in the bedrooms should be in harmony with the bed. It’s best to be situated in a parallel position with the bed in neutral colors and be away from the bed for at least one meter. If you have a mirror in the bedroom it should never be placed opposite the window or opposite the bed. Those mirror positions can only worse relations with a partner, and if you’re lonely, relationship developing would be harder. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

By using this advice you will fell pretty improvement of your partner relation and in all segments of life. Try and assure yourself that there is nothing to lose, but believe, you can get a lot!

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