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Good planed mini apartment [30 m2]

Most of the people have dilemma how to get more extra space for all things that they want to set into their home but to be stylish as well. The size of the apartment is very important, but only if you know how to smartly use the available area. The small can be beautiful too, simple and practical, if you know how to draw the best of it. A perfect proof that the dimensions aren’t none obstacle for functional and stylish home is this small apartment with total area of ​​only 30 square meters. The idea and the plan of this home interior decorating belongs to the designer Anton Zaytsev, and we can say that there is a lot comfort in mini squares. Everything is perfect organize, set up by the proportions and compact as well, and beside this smart layout and good design, the apartment is very pleasant for  living. In addition, look at the photos below.  1-35 2-35 4-33 5-29 6-28 7-21 8-17 9-15 10-11 11-10 12-8 13-6 14-4 15-3

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