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20 ways to visually enlarge the small room

Mini kitchen, small space for a living room, low ceiling – all these imperfections in your home can limit all possibilities to edit your home the way you want it.


But not if you have enough ideas and imagination. You just need the real visual tricks that will create the illusion of bigger space. Of course, without giving a lot of money.
These 20 ways are easiest ones that you can use for any room in your home:

1. If you love curtains, select them to be the same color as the walls. Plus, they need to be thin, tough and lengthy.


2. However, better option is to allow the natural light enter through the windows. Don’t cover them with blinds or any decorations. The space around them should be clean and empty.


3. Buy furniture with rockers, instead of that one that is glued to the ground.


4. Symmetry is the best friend of the small rooms.


5. Neutral colors are the right choice for base of every small room.


6. Use one material for different pieces of furniture. For example, the curtains, cushions and tablecloths you can make them with identical material, to have the same pattern. You will be surprised of the effect.


7. It’s always wise to use furniture that transforms and has multiple functions.


8. Use mirrors to cause bigger space. For example, the mirror on the entry door or wardrobe is always a good idea.


9. The secret is in balance. When you choose the furniture, select some sofa that will dominate in the room, and the rest of it like tables and shelves to be minimalist. Or contrary – if you select a minimalist sofa, make sure the other pieces of furniture to be striking.


10. Use maximum the room’s high,  such as shelves from floor to ceiling.


11. Increase the day light coming from the windows using a translucent, bright and long curtains.


12. Release some shelves. If you have shelves in the middle of the room, allow the air to circulate through them. You will refresh and relieve the room on that way.


13. Don’t paste the furniture to the wall.


14. Do not afraid to add some images in bold and dark colors. Usually that misses to the small space – the focal point.


15. Paint the ceiling in a bright color. Don’t take seriously the stereotype that the white walls and ceiling expand the room. For this purpose, yellow is better choice.


16. Strips floor. Although those aren’t for every style, the strips on the floor can expand it or elongate it, depending on the direction.


17. Add functional, translucent furniture.


18. It is always better way to have more sources of light than only one lamp.


19. Big picture on the wall can make a miracle for small spaces and rooms.


20. Higher doors also bring elegance and illusion of more space.


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