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Magic of the underwater world – Subsix, Maldives

The underwater nightclub “Subsix” located in the resort (Per Aquum Niyama) on Maldives is opened since 2012 and for its purpose have to draw out the Best of the ocean magical world and in the same time enabling the visitors to  enjoy on ocean beauty. It’s designed by the architectural studio “POOLE ASSOCIATES“. Before the guest visit this wonderful club they must rent a boat to get to it because it’s located 500 meters from the coast. The interior design draws its whole inspiration from the beauty of the underwater ocean world while reflecting the aesthetic navy in every aspect of design. The space is lightened by abstract chandeliers on white foam that star as ripples among thousands of shells and that is only a small peace of the magic moments that welcome guests during their visit of the nightclub. The center of the restaurant includes a huge counter which is like a fiberglass shell.


Whole atmosphere is changing moment by moment with lighting that changes its shades of purple tones of lavender til the blue shades present in the evening. Most desirable places for visitors are the ones that with panoramic windows witch have view directly to the coral reef opulent with 90 different types of sea fauna. Take a look on this  paradise and enjoy!! Per_AQUUM_NIYAMA_Maldives_Subsix1 pooleassociates4 pooleassociates5 restaurant-subsix-4 sea5_3363211k Subsix-Maldivies-the-luxury-club-underwater-5

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