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One more wonderful Scandinavian home

This apartment is rich with elements recognizable for Scandinavian style, they include functionality, natural fabrics and creative use of color. This apartment isn’t extremely minimalist like many Scandinavian homes but still gives us an impression that every peace is on its real place with its own purpose, so interpret us on a witty way the Nordic style of decorating. The living room isn’t very large, but have an open concept and good choice of colors that cause a cozy atmosphere. Mainly it’s used a neutral colors, striped carpet and gray classic sofa. But the choice of bold orange armchair and different models of pillows make this space a fun, creative place.

5a black-white-and-red-925x521-580x327 chevron-area-rug-925x521-Copy-634x357 cute-wall-graphics-580x816 light-wood-flooring2-925x925-580x580 orange-eam-chair-925x925-580x580 patchwork-dining-chair-925x925-580x580 pink-gingham-duvet-925x601-580x377 scandanavian-design-ideas-925x521-580x327 small-bedroom-design-925x601-580x377 stripe-design-925x521-Copy-580x327 stylish-home-office1-925x925-580x580 upholstered-dining-chairs-580x816 white-bedroom-design-925x601-580x377

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