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The first building with its own skiing trail

It’s called Slalom House, and it’s designed by architects from the studio Shokhan Mataibekov Architects. This building is located in Astana, Kazakhstan and it’s a dream for anyone who loves to ski. Entire project cost about $ 70 million and includes an artificial ski trail long over 300 meters and have shape as letter U….

19 creative children’s rooms

The children’s room is a space where the smallest members of the family have possibilities to discover their creativity. We present you 19 brilliant design ideas that will prove to you that into the world of imagination has no limits. Each of them is special and have different theme, offering original and unusual access for creating children’s…

Creative built-in closets increase the small apartments!

For the young couple and theirs three-year daughter needs, the design team have create an interior design according to the owner’s requirements – to keep the bigger part of the already existing fixtures and create a modern living room, with a maximum capacity – hidden closets. The Design studio made a few hidden units of cabinets…

One more wonderful Scandinavian home

This apartment is rich with elements recognizable for Scandinavian style, they include functionality, natural fabrics and creative use of color. This apartment isn’t extremely minimalist like many Scandinavian homes but still gives us an impression that every peace is on its real place with its own purpose, so interpret us on a witty way the…