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Scandinavian Christmas decor

Scandinavian style for decorating always prefers minimalism and natural decor, this include the Christmas decorating as well. It characterized by natural Christmas trees and decorations, such as pine cones, moss, twigs and similar decorations that you can found in the nature. If you add candles, fur, lamps and lanterns, the impression can be breathtaking. Most of the Scandinavian Christmas trees are natural and have minimalist decor, with only a few decors while some of them aren’t decorated – the tree stays natural and unadorned, as it occurred in the nature. Christmas decorations in the Scandinavian style often include ornate twigs placed in a vase, or decorated evergreen cypresses and other peaces of trees in jars. We present you a wonderful family home, completely inspired by the Nordic style that during the holiday celebrations shines with it’s elegance, simplicity and beauty. Find your favorite idea and enter the Scandinavian magic in your living space.

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