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Visit this impressive Lemongrass Restaurant!

Through our searching we’ve encountered on Lemongras, colorful restaurant designed by Agency Einstein & Associates, at Bogor on Java – Indonesia, that reminds of a tropical paradise. The project is a modernistic filled with tropical colors and plants, designed specifically to connect with the nature. The building is situated in the heart of beautifully designed tropical garden that is subtle about Bogor, thus becoming a symbol of peace and simplicity of mind.

Four different parts contain whole restaurant look – the main kitchen, the space with tables set on fresh air, the inner space with tables on the second floor and finally the space on the roof. When you enter through the main corridor to the desired table, the sounds, water spraying and the smell of fresh plants, create an unforgettable experience. One of the best elements in this design is the mosaic floor which gives a strong energy and color. The materials are wood, stone, granite tiles… all together creates an exceptional visual effect.

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