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Sweet small apartment [36 square meters]

We present you a delightful mini interior, which is an example of a surprising combination of good design and rational space use. Beside it’s area of ​​only 36 square meters, this small but very sweet apartment has everything you need for happy and comfortable life. Whole space is natty settled and it’s colorful vintage details bring peace, playfulness, dynamics and positive mood in the home. There is expressed an airy and comfortable, the interior is contain of hallway, living room, kitchen with dining room, bedroom, bathroom and balcony. The spacious and fully equipped kitchen impresses with its style and colorful design. Although, the bedroom is located behind the living room compartment, which is very often a creative solution for small apartments. It provides enough privacy for relaxing, peaceful corner to read something, or to sleep. The ambiance is decorated in the style of the 60s, but its not inferior in any way relative to the beauty and originality of the modern era. 15 14 36 44 54 62 82 91 103 116 117 123 133 215

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