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Modish Italian interior

We present you a great stylish three-bedroom apartment in Rome that acquire you from the first view with its simplicity and comfort from its interior. It’s decorated very modestly and unobtrusively, by very good style, originality and nice ambiance at the same time. This project is master peace of architects from the Italian studio design ,,Mob Architects”. The color choice for living area is based on bright shades and neutral tones that don’t affect monotonous, but is extremely pleasing for the eye, giving calmness and relaxing note to the apartment in general.

It’s created an open layout that is well planned and organized, where the living space, kitchen and dining space are conveniently located. The purple is the main key that links all rooms, as we can see it’s represented in some detail or peace of furniture, such as the armchair in the living room, the kitchen elements on the walls and transparent plastic chairs in the dining room. Details are carefully and creatively selected, so they comes as most deserving for stylish looks and elegant touch. In the bedroom, the focus is on the bed covered with floral print bedding. Children’s room is pretty small but particularly pleasant and comfortable.

In addition you see how it’s arranged each of the rooms and be inspired by this clever ideas they offer.

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