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Lenny Kravitz designed phenomenal furniture for CB2!

Lenny Kravitz, Grammy Award winner, rocker and an icon of style, designed a capsule collection of 20 eclectic and glamorous pieces of furniture for CB2. The collection called CB2 x Kravitz Design by Lenny Kravitz, debuted last week in stores and online, and includes lights, wall accents, furniture, cushions and carpets for a price of 35 to 1,009 dollars.
“Our goal was to create a collection of pieces of furniture, which are based on my personal style and things that inspired me during my travels” – said Kravitz. “The style reminds so much on Studio 54 with accent on New York glamour and the California spirit. The collection is composed of many different styles and everything is inspired by comfort and reason to feel good in your own environment. “

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