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Key advice for your yard to look like a modern paradise!

Your backyard design is like a perfect way that leads to your personal style, telling others what they can expect in your home, before they get inside. We offer you today key tips with essential meaning for creating of modern landscape of your garden (but don’t forget your own style and personality).

In some modern home everything has its own place, clean lines dominating and the clutter is strictly prohibited. The same designing principles need to be a applied for creating ideal fancy garden too.
Actually, one modern landscape is opposite of the English garden,
where the elegance is when plants grow freely and rule the space. Plants in the modern landscapes are controlled and placed into a defined space which dimensions shouldn’t be strike out. As a bird in a cage – you can admire the beautiful feathers, but it mustn’t get out of the cage.

Tended gardens are very fashionable

The geometry of the modern exterior design
Squares, rectangles, circles, triangles … all these simple forms have their own place in the modern exterior design.
For example, the flat stone path leading to the outside sitting area which is defined by the square made of boxwood and then the circular stairs to get to the outside swimming pool and so on.
Therefore, for you is best to choose plants that are easy to form their shapes. Here are examples witch plants can be used for that,
– P
– C
– R
eed grass
– S
Japanese maple

Add a bit of Zen atmosphere to your garden.
Most of the modern homes have at little bit of Zen atmosphere. This is for the gardens too,  Zen offers peace, quiet place to sit and relax, to forget on worries. Your outdoor garden should have the aforementioned Zen atmosphere.
Here are some tips.
Water is a key element. You can place a fountain, stream, pool or pond fish (choose one item). Add bamboo fence, and elements of Japanese garden with sand or stones.
Avoid luridly plants with strong bright colors. Stick to neutral plants that cause calm atmosphere.
Use mainly evergreen plants that offer color throughout whole year.
Include stones, benches and possibly statues.

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