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Living and dining room – two in one

In modern homes designing an open plan, connecting the living room with dining room is normally and very popular solutions.
The owners often bring this solution in order to get a unique, spacious and functional room that gives maximum comfort. During this as part of this logical solution to connect two crucial areas, may occur some problems that are primarily related to the storage spaces witch should also have functional design for successfully hiding of all clutter like dishes, books, magazines and etc. For this reason, one of the easiest solutions is installation of hidden closet where you can drop off all unnecessary things that disrupt neatness.

Good lighting is very important for creating a pleasant atmosphere, especially in the dining area, where over the table, you can set up a hanging lamp that will give you an intimate space and in some way to separate the dining area from the sitting area.

In addition you can separate two spaces by using some sofa or garnish that are positioned so the persons that are sitting on them may be facing with theirs back opposite dining room.

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