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Multi-functional tables

We present you 15 multi functional tables suitable for minimalist homes, which are frequently encountered nowadays. Except the main function they have like putting stuffs on their surface, they can be used as aquarium, ping–pong table, magazine holder, pet bed, lamp, etc. Explore the original coffee tables and think about something similar for your room. 

Dream of every child: sleeping bed with secret room

We don’t know is these time as use to be, when we weren’t entertained with “Facebook“, we have dreamed for huts of wood and a secret room for secret meetings. However, a few of us could  realize that desire, so usually our secret meetings we have realized in the yard. The father who is a hero of this…

Gray and yellow – an elegant combination for the home

Elegant effect by gray and yellow. The gray and yellow color look great together in the interior. The yellow color gives solar effect, while the gray give some balance. There is absolutely no doubt that the gray is really the best neutral shade that is the perfect choice for home designers in recent years. This season could be the…