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“Ibiza House” – a blend of rustic and modern details

TG-studio has redesigned a farm on the Spanish island Ibiza, in order to serve to the resident needs of modern living.
The property consists the family house with three bedrooms, which is surrounded by two hectares of lush garden in where are located two additional houses, each of them include two bedrooms and suites.The owners that have  bought the property a few years ago, felt that it’s necessary to redesign the interior completely. Because of the localizing of the whole area for further expansion of the property, TG-studio had to react whole to be done within the existing facilities, which doesn’t reduce the impressive result that is achieved.

The design of “Ibiza House” is a nice blend of rustic and modern details. The entrance you will see the open living area and dining area, then reading corner and fireplace that create a cozy atmosphere. The art in the house gives artistic sense of space, while the two roof windows give accent on plenty of colors and textures. We like this because the wood is the main choice of all materials included in the interior and exterior from the ceiling with solid wooden beams up to the different furniture.

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