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10 Feng Shui rules for home decorating

Feng Shui is based on excellent principles for home regulation. Here are a few rules that you should follow during your home interior organizing.
Note that:
1. Less is more. If you manage to set free of excess furniture – that is a good start. Keep your apartment neat and without unnecessary pieces of furniture.
2. The key is in the colors. It is important for you to be surrounded by colors that you like most and evoke positive mood.


3. Water is good. The fountains stimulating your creativity. Water is an ancient symbol of wealth and prosperity.
4. Fresh air is recommended. Antiquated air in the rooms is bad for your energy. Use large windows and vents regularly.
5. Plants bring calm. The plants have a calming effect and radiate strong energy. They are excellent for air purification too.


6. Мirrors expand the space. Mirrors create the illusion of your space and are great for offices and corridors. Also fill the space with light.
7. Clock. It needs to be placed properly in the kitchen or living room. In the hallway is not recommended.
8. Keep the apartment clean. All we need impeccable flow of energy, and that is impossible if the apartment is messy.
9. The bedroom is important. The energy in the master bed room should be calming and exciting in the same time. Throw out all electrical appliances and create absolutely relaxed atmosphere.


10. Let the kitchen be lightly. The kitchen needs to have a lot of light. This can be achieved by combining several sources of light. According to Feng Shui principles you should choose yellow color for your kitchen.

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