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Wall bureaus for saving space

Saving space is one of the most required effects in interior design these days. The working desk, bureau is peace of furniture that usually is hard to settled in the home.  Ours suggestions today, you can use in your home decor like for your child’s room, bedroom, even for the living room:

Invisible” bureau

When you don’t need it, this bureau occupies very little space on the wall. You can pull off only when you have to use it. This is produces and sells by Upton Home. 





IKEA offers a model table Norberg (39 dollars), which is quite cheaper. When you do not using this table, you can fold down.

The Flatbox model by Michael Hilgers


In form of a tightly box fixed on the wall. When it opens it becomes a desk, and there is holder for tablet. The price is 125 euros.



This model includes a desk and a bookshelf that can be easily high-up in every room.

Artistic minimalism


 This model you can design by yourself.
Model Jonas & Jonas
This model of bureau is only on two table legs. The bigger part of this work table Jonas & Jonas is fixed on the wall. Do you know what it isn’t minimalist on it? The price 568 euros.
Raw Edges model
This model is called Desk-box. The price that this desk is sells in US site Hivemodern is 1835 dollars.

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