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Modern and comfortable apartment

We present an apartment with an area of 55.48 square meters as another fine example of home in witch is showed how you can be creative in modest dimensions. This is a project of an apartment in Kiev, Ukraine, whose visualization is credited by designer Elizabeth Daniel. The ambiance is hospitable, comfortable and functional, offering ideal living conditions for a person who respects the simplicity, harmony and naturalness. The interior is laid out in Scandinavian style and the space is well organized and filled with smart solutions.

The interior design is based on maximizing of the light and achieving spacious feeling in apartment through uses of modern design elements. White and wooden touches dominating, giving a warmly, friendly and airy atmosphere in every corner. The kitchen is connected with dining room and living room in one piece, and decorated with a combination of white, gray and blue.

Every detail is in it’s real place, so the club table from pallets is great incorporated with hanging chandelier and black and white photos on the wall. The bedroom is styled with a dose of humor, on sweet and warmly way against the cold tones.  In a separate part of the apartment there is located one attractively working corner that adorns with small vertical garden. See the photos below and find your favorite idea for your home.

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