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How to turn the bathroom into a mini spa

Here you can see some simply ideas, whose will help you to convert your bathroom into an oasis of peace, sophisticated as a spa center.
We all love a spa centers, so why do not convey the atmosphere of luxury resorts into our homes, using of a few design tricks
Wooden Ornaments
1101We do not expect to see a tree in ordinarily bathroom. Mostly everything that appears in the bathroom created from this material looks chic, but this is satisfactory.
Table bathtub254
It is not difficult.
349Use wood and make table on witch you will set your cosmetic, and why not a glass of wine.
Install additional policies on witch you can put colorful towels and scented candles.
443Do not forget the candles.
534Built-in wall shelves
632There, you can organize all the accessories.
Wooden floor
728Wooden floor will give you a sense of luxury spa.
Wooden Sink 
823Luxury and original!
Compulsorily place plants too
920Store the cosmetics in wicker bowl
1019Add stones
1119If you still doubt in difference that the wood can make
1218… Probably already you are assured that the idea can get a fantastic accomplishment.

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