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Floating houses

When we talk about Dubai, we are already used to see grandiose projects pushing the boundaries of architecture and luxury. I admire the way Dubai is developing as a city, which for a relatively short period of desert has been transformed into one of the world’s most elite tourist destinations.

The newest project breathtaking consists of 42 vessels constructions which are located near the city, and each of them will offer a residential area of about 16 square meters for those with deeper pockets. To have on mind that any of them will not be placed on land, these constructions technically qualify as boats, but no matter what, one glance is enough to understand what exactly it is.

Each of the 42 luxurious floating residences spread on three floors, from which one is located entirely below the sea level. Exactly in that part are “hidden” the bedroom and the bathroom, because the glass walls offer a breathtaking view of the undersea and coral reef, while the floor above sea level offers a fully equipped kitchen, living room and large terrace for enjoying the afternoon sun. For more guests, ideal for informal socializing is the terrace with a minibar on the first floor, while the hot tub ensures maximum moments of relaxation.

The realization of the project “The floating seahorses” starts in the second half of this year and completion of construction is expected during 2016. The price is not known yet. Enjoy in the view!

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