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Summer vacation house

The equability through choosing colors, attentiveness as well when it comes to materials, have proved as a perfect concept in arranging this beautiful summer house for young Norwegian family. Delicate blend of white, earth tones and pastel shades, in tandem with the refinement of the decorative finesse gives the interior a bright and elegant as gentle and laid-back look. The house is renovated structure of the Sixties, which not only impress with its beautiful design, but also maximum fit the needs for the stay of a couple with three children. The warm family atmosphere is emphasized in every corner, and the interior of the house is full with romantic decorations, archaic furniture, wooden touches with rustic overtone, and floral details skillfully bring life into any space. Everything is calmly, slackly  and  have relaxed ambiance, although so lavishly and rich, guaranteeing harmony and satisfaction by resting on sunny Marbelja. Living area has two seating places one by the fireplace and one by the window.

A favorite nook on witch most of the family rejoices, especially children, is the kitchen, so it is not surprising the siting lounge sets in the kitchen, under dramatic wooden window which penetrates an abundance of natural light. The bedrooms are the only ones who stand with the range of colors, where the cover sheets and details with colorful accents not only fit perfectly, but give dynamism and playfulness of space.

Life on open space is something that Norwegians extremely respects, so because of this the garden and swimming pool with special care is decorated and picturesque where everybody, the children and parents can enjoy throughout the day. Dream summer house, right?

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