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Interior of 24 square meters

Our dear visitors, in addition of this post we are introduce to you a perfectly planned and settled mini interior, which although is an area of only 24 square meters, it contains so many items that is a rarity even for double big spaces. What is the secret? The ingenious layout, the flexible design of furniture, stairs that derive sliding and expertly using of suitable height level is prove as a winning formula, as well as the numerous storage solutions and space saving.

Thus, this small and compact interior has a living area, kitchen and dining room, mini office and bathroom, plus a comfortable bedroom which is elevated to the second level. Dominated by white, which is always a good choice for rooms of modest dimensions, in tandem with warm wooden touches and lots of sunlight. Pieces are practical and versatile, revealing surprises and fitness during the day-nights. Check it and inspired yourself by the ideas offered by this miniature, but rationally used interior.

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