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Beautiful 32 square meters

We are picturing to you perfectly neat mini apartment, whose interior design and visualization is credited by Inna Usubyan from studio Decolabs. This home is located in Moscow, Russia and has a total area of only 32 square meters.  For editing of this small living space the architect has very bravely chosen darker colors and materials, with gray tones and wood domination, creating quite comfortable and attractive but neutral ambiance for a stay of a young couple without children.  This stroke through the selection of colors and materials doesn’t minimizing the apartment, mostly because of minimalism and richness of sunlight that get in through the windows during the day, as well as the open plan layout. With hiding the bedroom from the living room with a pavilion, the rest and relaxation area in this small interior received the necessary intimate dimension.

The kitchen and dining room are also separated by partition, and the apartment has a separate bathroom. In addition, see the pictures and find your favorite design idea of this wonderful mini oasis of style and comfort.

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