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Summer sensuous colors for your home

After the day spend on the hot sun rays out, often the home is the only indoor space where we expect to have a relax and relief during the summer. For this purpose, it is necessary for it to be airy, bright and relaxing in encounter with the new season. Beside the unavoidably air conditioners and fans, to input  freshness in the interior there can aids many other visual experiences.The coloring of some separately walls, or inserting details in striking summer tones can cause great effect for the ambiance.

Furthermore, the material choice can play a significant role for creating summer feelings all around you. When it comes to colors, the palette of bright blue, yellow and gray shades is the right choice for achieving a leisure atmosphere at home.  The sensual blue tones evoke the sky, water and sea, and in combination with neutral gray tones  are the winning combination for calm and leisure feeling in the interior.
The yellow color, however, associated with the sun and light in space brings a large amount of positive energy, even when it is present only as a small detail or emphasis.

If you are looking for inspirational ideas for landscaping your home with these three colors, we present some wonderful suggestions for that purpose. It is the idyllic themes of the new catalog of the British brand Laura Ashley, who at the height of the season spring / summer ’15 offering excellent solutions and examples of seasonal refreshment of living space.



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